Spread Your Wings!

On my journey to financial freedom with the Ann Wilson’s Financial Freedom University, I needed to create a Financial Freedom Feast Vision.   I needed to describe my day to day life and the adventures, thrills and wondrous moments I would be experiencing and it had to be written in first-person present-tense.

So here’s my vision!

I am not bound to any country, travelling the world to see many places, experience their cultures, talking to the local people, enjoying their foods, listening to the city and country sounds, seeing different oceans from different views and breathing fresh air.

Swish… (to a different place and time)

Sitting on the patio of a small café looking at the ocean in contemplation.  Someone inside will join me soon – there is no rush.  It’s nearly evening and the sun is still up.  A light breeze wisps my body and a seagull squawks in the distance. Soft music is playing in the café and the glass of wine is on its way.

The waiter arrives with a plate of canapes and the wine.  Lifting one with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a sprig of dill, I bite in slowly, it is delicious.  The cream cheese squishes a bit and a sip of wine mixes it all nicely, leaving a gentle taste of bitterness and salmon in my mouth.


I’m in the entrance hall of a conference facility where I’m about to present a talk for people who came to learn what I have to share.  Delicious canapes and beverages are displayed and available for all to enjoy.  As I am talking to a few ladies, a colleague arrives and gives me a big hug to say hello.  They are also presenting at the conference. This warms my heart and I feel like I’m part of something really great and of great value to the delegates.
The smell of freshly made coffee is in the hall.  People are talking to each other, excited to find their seats in the conference room.  Looking down at my hand, I see that I have all that I need to do my presentation.

Walking into the room, many delegates have already found their seats and have settled in for my talk. The sound technician helps me setup my lapel mic and I climb onto the stage.  The room goes silent. I hear the soft humming of the data projector as I start to present.

With attentive ears and screams of laughter, the audience smile and write down notes. A loud cheer and applause of enjoyment raises the room as I conclude.

Spending a little time talking to the delegates afterwards reinforces that I have shared valuable information.  I inspired others with my story of “turning challenges into victories” and they are willing to pay to participate in my programmes because they see the value of what I have to share.  People are queuing at the signup desk to join my programme and pay their deposit.


I have sufficient funds to look after my golden years.  I have no worries about living expenses and medical bills.  I am at peace with my life and know that I am growing my wealth every day.  I see my net worth has reached my financial freedom number.  I laugh out loud and scream woohoo!  The dogs get all excited and bark at me.  I release a big sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air.  I did it.  I feel free.

Now what’s my next mission?! 😊



From my newly refurbished, and spacious, home office, I connect via a high speed internet connection to my online coaching and mentoring clients. There are 1000 participants in today’s session. Joining me are colleagues who support the clients during the webinar and programme.  They are fielding and answering questions as I present.  The chat box is very active and new clients are signing up for my “Spread Your Wings!” programme as I speak.  They are very proud to be joining up and update the chat box as they do.  Everyone is excited to get started. I feel a sense of joy and admiration of their courage.  Keeping my focus on Love, Service & Spirit, I inspire them with my story of turning challenges into victories.

After the webinar a colleague tells me that we have received many signups for the programme, more so than we did during the last webinar.  The team go out and enjoy our success with champagne and a delicious meal that arrives at our table with celebratory aroma.
All fired up we start the programme for the next batch of new clients.


Source of image:  Unknown Artist